Domenica De Smet







resident advisor



Dedicated, driven and focused, well that's one way to describe Gols, another way is that he plays and makes music with integrity and soul. Through his passion for music, love for vinyl and unwavering dedication to the craft, Gols always delivers a subtle and tasteful set with the smoothest mixing skills. It's a pleasure to see him play, just watching his hands handling his records and mixer with such respect actually shows you how he is as a person. Gentle and always with utmost respect. 


Besides digging for plastic pearls, he’s also managing his newly established label ‘Hoot’ and is holding a residency at Ojoo Music. To support his professional standard he built his own studio to perfect his sound. His inspirations are drawn from his experiences and continuous influences from old house, trance, minimal and techno. 


Above all, Gols likes to have a good time on the dancefloor as much as he likes to give the dancefloor a good time.