In Ghent dialect, you say “ojoo” to express joy and wonder, especially to share those feelings with others around you; this is exactly the spirit that defines Ojoo Music.

Ojoo are intimate nights with dedicated DJ's playing whatever they like for a crowd where everyone can feel welcome. A series of events bringing forward-thinking underground electronic music with a sincere passion for vinyl. We need our music to be challenging and innovative and hold a high appreciation for artistic individuality (as opposed to hypes or trends) with the utmost respect for the veteran artists who over the years continuously maintain a standard that we greatly appreciate. We need a connection between artist and dancer, so the small and intimate venues is where you will find us.

The idea of creating a platform that supports artists we stand for would not be complete without an opportunity to share their music with the world. To offer this, we started with the record label to release music that we believe should be heard and shared for people to enjoy, clubbers to dance and DJ's to play.

The passion for the original craft of spinning tunes, that certain pleasure in the effort when playing and a love for the classic physical format has led us to release on vinyl only.

In the summer of 2019, the first release by Session 4000 'Club Rotation' is born.
The second one in October 2019 by  Gols, appropriately titled 'Delay is Okay' referring to the time it took before opting to release one of his productions.