July 2019

Mixed by Chris 'Funk' Ferreira

Mastered at Scape Mastering

Distributed by Crevette Distribution

Session 4000, or Damien Dardenne to his friends, makes his debut for the fresh Belgian label Ojoo Records with ‘Club Rotation’. He’s been a fixture on the local Belgian scene for the last four years between his DJ residencies for Deep In House and C12, during which he diligently crystallized and matured a collection of pumping house and electro productions.

With ‘Club Rotation’, Ojoo establishes itself as a home for talent flying under-the-radar. Taking off with ‘Fanfaronne’, the EP flashes pure party energy, skipping around like a weekend spent on the dancefloor before finally emerging (from the afterparty)-- legs sore, soul reinforced. Pulling inspiration from both the past and present Belgian electronic music scene, the tracks strike a playful attitude, charged with surprising rhythms and hooks. Where ‘Time Rotation’ and ‘Wk’ can fuel frenetic peak-time moments, ‘Deeper Doeper’ lands softly somewhere sunny and blissful. Zoomed out, the picture is alive, alluring and charmingly off-kilter.

Words by DVK

Picture by Freek Wille